Wholesale Wire Harness Electrical Tape 63 Series 5.9 mil

Wholesale Wire Harness Electrical Tape 63 Series 5.9 mil

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Electro Tape’s 63 Series Wire Harness Electrical Tape is a conformable 5.9 mil thick vinyl plastic tape designed to perform in temperature environments up to 80oC (176oF). It has excellent resistance to acids, alkalies, abrasion, moisture, corrosion, and varying weather conditions. With its memory (elasticity) and adhesion characteristics, this tape provides moisture-tight electrical and mechanical protection.

Physical Properties

Normal temperature rating – UL: 80o C
Color:  Black
Thickness (ASTM D-1000 78):  5.9 mils
Adhesion to steel (ASTM D-1000 78 72o F):  14 oz/in Min.
Adhesion to backing (ASTM D-1000 78 72o F):  14 oz/in Min.
Breaking strength (ASTM D-1000 78 72o F):  14 lb/in
Elongation (ASTM D-1000 78 72o F):  220%
Volt Resistance (volts UL 510):  600
Electrolytic corrosion (ratio):  1.0
Flame Resistance (ASTM D-1000):  <2 s
Flame Retardancy (FMVSS 302)-self-extinguishing:  PASS


  • UL510 & CSA Approved
  • Meets RoHS-3 and REACH compliance standards
  • The elasticity of the tape allows it to hold tightly and provide pressure without slipping or flagging.
  • Compatible with all solid dielectric cable insulations.
  • Highly resistant to chemical attack, ultraviolet light, and physical abuse.
  • Usable for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Will not crack, split, slip or flag when exposed to various environments.


  • Primary electrical insulation for all wire and cable splices up to 600 volts and 80o C (176o F).
  • For wire and cable harnessing.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance for high voltage cable splices and termination (forms a protective jacket).