Wholesale Value Grade Foil Tape 501 Series 1.4 mil

Wholesale Value Grade Foil Tape 501 Series 1.4 mil

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Our 501 Series Value Grade Foil Tape features an aggressive rubber-based adhesive ideal for HVAC applications.


Substrate: 1.45 mil Aluminum Foil
Adhesive: 1.5 mil Rubber Based
Liner: 43 lb Silicone Coated Kraft

Physical Properties

Thickness w/o Liner: 0.003″ (Test Method PSTC-133)
Peel Adhesion to Stainless Steel: 100 oz/in (Test Method PSTC-101)
Tensile Strength: 11.4 lbs/in (Test Method PSTC-131)
Elongation: 3% (Test Method PSTC-131)
Minimum Application Temperature: 0F (HC Internal)


The application surface must be clean, dry, and free of contaminants. Apply pressure with a plastic squeegee.

Shelf Life & Storage

Under ideal storage conditions of 60F to 80F and low humidity, shelf life is one year from the date of purchase.