Wholesale Splicing Tissue Acrylic Adhesive 669B Series

Wholesale Splicing Tissue Acrylic Adhesive 669B Series

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• Premium grade, double coated, BLACK tissue paper tape – Use of black tissue along with black adhesive provides for a “lightproof” PSA tape
• Two sided coating of DIFFERENTIAL Tack, Solvent Based Acrylic adhesives
• Exposed Side has higher adhesion which promotes quick bonding results


• “Black-out” Feature makes tape great for foam laminating or converting applications of PSA tapes where light penetration prevention is desired – i.e. gaskets for speakers, back-lit signs, electronics, etc.
• Suitable for Visual Splicing Applications..


• High quality and strong holding power acrylic adhesive allows for use on a wide variety of surfaces
• Excellent resistance to heat, weathering and thermal creep