Wholesale Rubber Splicing Tape 40A Series 60 mil

Wholesale Rubber Splicing Tape 40A Series 60 mil

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A 60 mil low voltage rubber splicing rubber tape made of high quality, un-vulcanized rubber, which is suitable as a primary insulation for splices in electrical wires and cables of not more than 600 volts when used (overwrapped) with a friction or vinyl tape. Superior insulating & bonding qualities make it an excellent choice for pipe repair, automotive, marine, construction & many other general uses.


A self fusing rubber tape that bonds quickly to itself without heat into a solid mass that is watertight for electrical protection. Conforms to irregular shapes & flexible to withstand expansion & contraction. Resists bleach, steam, saltwater, oils, detergents & other chemicals. Meets requirements of ASTM D-119 and HH-I-553C, Grade B. UL510 Listing #2C58.


  • Insulate electrical connections up to 600 V
  • Seal out moisture from low-voltage connections
  • Insulate service drops
  • Insulate lighting connections
  • Widely used in the agricultural industry as means for grafting crops