Wholesale Reflective Tape Solid Color 835 Series

Wholesale Reflective Tape Solid Color 835 Series

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Retroreflective sheeting in roll form on a liner paper, screened in various colors and coated with a permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive. Engineering Grade. 7 year durability.

Meets L-S-300C, reflectivity 1, class 1; seven year outdoor life rating. Ink receptive. Fungal/chemical resistant.

Designed for use on clean, flat surfaces with little to no curvature.

Commonly used for barricades, graphics, traffic and commercial signage.

Physical Properties

Tape Thickness: 6.8 mils (0.175”)
Liner Paper: 80# (not lay-flat)
Tensile Strength: 11 lbs. per inch width
Adhesion: 70 oz. per inch of width (90’ peel test)
Application Temperature: Above 320F
Durability Tape: 7 years
Durability Inks: Varies by color, UV, latitude, ect.
Gloss: 96 (glossmeter 850)
Elongation:  5%