Wholesale PVC Gasket Tape Mylar Top 655M Series

Wholesale PVC Gasket Tape Mylar Top 655M Series

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Our 655M Series PVC Gasket Mylar Tape is a LOW density closed cell PVC foam tape coated on one side with a high performance acrylic adhesive on the other side a mylar polyester film is laminated to provide a durable abrasion resistant outer surface. Excellent combination of flexibility and & conformability with strength & wear resistance. Excellent weatherability & chemical resistance. It is a clean, waste free substitute for liquid sealants.

Similar to 655 foam but carries a topcoat of clear film to provide enhanced abrasion resistance.


Vibration dampening, sealing, seaming, and/or gasketing

Physical Properties

Foam: PVC
Density (Range): 6 – 9 lb. per cubic foot
Shore Hardness “00”: 30
Thickness: 1/8” and ¼”
Force to Compress 25% (Range): 2.5 psi
Compression Deflection (Range): 1.5 psi
Tensile Strength: 40 psi
Color: Black
Adhesive: Water Based Acrylic
Water Absorption (%): 9
Low Temperature Flex: No Cracking
Flammability: Self Extinguishing