Wholesale PolyFlex Plus FR100 Polyethylene Tape Flame Retardant 8 mil

Wholesale PolyFlex Plus FR100 Polyethylene Tape Flame Retardant 8 mil

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Meets industry standards in flame retardancy test specifications set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 701, which oversees flame propagation and testing of films and textiles. Additionally, it is in compliance with ASTM E84 which tests for surface burning characteristics of a wide range of construction and adhesive materials. Ensures compliance with a distinct red/black stripe appearance for ease of identification and on-site visibility. Creates a water tight seal and provides humidity resistance in all weather and climate conditions. Excellent tensile strength and flexibility. Aggressive adhesive for superior bonding and heavy-duty applications. Immediate and long-term adhesion to a wide range of surfaces and substrates. Premium rubber based adhesive formula allows for clean removal of tape after use.


  • Temporary masking and sealing in safety critical environments
  • Hanging, sealing, seaming, and patching of Polyethylene sheeting and heavy duty tarpaulins
  • Protection of a range of materials and surfaces
  • Multi-purpose sealing, bonding, and repair within disaster recovery operations
  • General masking applications where fire safety and identification is a concern

Product Benefits

  • Provides a high visibility approved product for FR applications, with unique red stripe appearance allowing ease of identification on site
  • Aggressive adhesive for superior bonding to a range of substrates
  • Strong and durable for heavy duty protection
  • Premium rubber based adhesive formulation allows for clean and easy removal after temporary use
  • Bonds well to different surfaces over a wide temperature range
  • Available with a straight or serrated edge option for easier tear or straight line application
  • Provides a water tight seal