Wholesale High Voltage Rubber Splicing Tape Linered 43L Series

Wholesale High Voltage Rubber Splicing Tape Linered 43L Series

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Our 43L Series Rubber Splicing Tape is a linered, pressure sensitive adhesive with an elastomeric backing that is self-fusing when wrapped upon itself. The elastomer is an EPR rubber based electrical grade compound.


  • Self-fusing and highly conformable producing tight, moisture resistant insulation without loss of electrical properties when elongated.
  • Rated for up to 90°C continuous operating temperature and intermittent service at 130°C. Will not crack at –40°C.
  • Flame Retardant. Meets industry standards for flame retardancy as defined by IEEE std. 27-1974 ANSI.
  • Meets ASTM D4388 specifications.


  • Use as primary electric insulation for low and high voltage applications through 69 kV
  • Electrical splices

    Physical Properties

    Color (visual): Black
    Thickness: 30 mils
    Tensile Strength: 300 psi
    Ultimate Elongation: 875%
    Operating Temperature: 90°C
    Emergency Overload: 140°C
    Thermal Conductivity: 0.177 W/moK
    Ozone Resistance: Pass
    Heat Resistance: Pass
    UV Resistance: Pass
    Dielectric Strength –Original: 825 volts / mil
    24 hrs in H2O: 720 volts / mil
    96 hrs @ 23°C 96% humidity: 800 volts / mil
    Volume Resistivity –Original: >1018 ohm-cm
    Aged 96 hrs @ 23C 96% RH: >1017 ohm-cm
    Dielectric Constant: 1200 volts @ 60 Hz
    -23°C: 3.7
    -90°C: 3.6