Wholesale High Performance Polyester Tape Acrylic Adhesive 695 Series

Wholesale High Performance Polyester Tape Acrylic Adhesive 695 Series

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Our 695 Series is a CLEAR Polyester film coated on both sides with a high performance, modified Acrylic Adhesive.

This product comes with a dimensionally stable siliconized red polypropylene release liner making it preferred for precision die-cut applications.  The adhesive system of this double-coated tape is extremely aggressive, exhibits high shear strength, and will bond well to nearly all materials; even to difficult surfaces like foams, PE and PP films.  It has excellent temperature, UV, aging, water vapor, and chemical resistance.   Also has good plasticizer resistance.


  • Used for interior or exterior bonding of dissimilar materials where high shear performance is required. Used in sign making, fixing decorative moldings, print finishing and stereo mounting.
  • Used for bonding rubber, plastic, metal and wood substrates; for permanent mounting of nameplates and decorative trim on appliances and furniture.
  • Used in die cut applications where precise size retention is critical.

Physical Properties

Backing: Clear Polyester film
Adhesive: Modified Acrylic Adhesive
Liner: Red siliconized PP Film
Total Thickness: 6.5 mil  (exclusive of liner)
Adhesion to SST: 90 oz/inch
Shear Resistance: Excellent – Static & Dynamic
Temperature Resistance: up to 200°F long term