Wholesale General Purpose Blue Electrical Tape 60 Series

Wholesale General Purpose Blue Electrical Tape 60 Series

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Electro Tape’s 60 Series is a conformable 7 mil thick vinyl plastic tape designed to perform in temperature environments up to 80°C (176°F). 60 Series has excellent resistance to: acids, alkalies, abrasion, moisture, corrosion and varying weather conditions (i.e. sunlight). 60 Series, with its memory (elasticity) 7 mil thickness and adhesion characteristics, provides moisture-tight electrical and mechanical protection. Suitable as a phasing tape for electrical conduit, circuit wires, motor leads, splices and terminations.


  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC backing) and Pressure sensitive (rubber based adhesive)
  • Memory (elasticity) of the tape allows it to hold tightly and provide pressure without slipping or flagging
  • Compatible with all solid dielectric cable insulations
  • Highly resistant to chemical attack, ultra violet light and physical abuse
  • Will not crack, split, slip or flag when exposed to various environments
  • Low lead
  • Meets UL requirements for 80°C
  • UL 510 listed and CSA approved


  • Primary electrical insulation for all wire and cable splices up to 600 volts and 80°C (176° F).
  • For wire and cable harnessing
  • Excellent abrasion resistance for high voltage cable splices and termination (forms a protective jacket)

Physical Properties

  • Normal temperature rating – UL: 80°C
  • Colors: Yellow, Red, White, Orange, Blue, Brown, Grey, Green, Purple
  • Thickness (ASTM D-1000 78): 7.5 mils
  • Adhesion to steel (ASTM D-1000 78 72°F): 23 oz/in
  • Adhesion to backing (ASTM D-1000 78 72°F): 21 oz/in
  • Breaking strength (ASTM D-1000 78 72°F): 18 lb/in
  • Elongation (ASTM D-1000 78 72°F): 200%
  • Dielectric Strength (volts): 8750
  • Dielectric Wet (volts): 7900
  • Electrolytic corrosion (ratio): 1.0
  • Insulation resistance megohms (ASTM D-1000 78): 1 X 1014th
  • Water absorption: 1%
  • Resistance to ultraviolet light: Pass
  • Resistance to alkalies: Excellent