Wholesale Friction Tape Standard Grade 45 Series

Wholesale Friction Tape Standard Grade 45 Series

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Our 45 Series Friction Tape consists of a scientifically compounded pure rubber-based adhesive properly calendared and impregnated into the highest-grade cotton cloth.

This tape is commonly used for over-wrapping low voltage splices, harnessing, and cover taping for many mechanical applications.

Our friction tape features superior strength and is resistant to abrasion and moisture. A high percentage of pure rubber is used for maximum elasticity and moisture resistance. Do not fray or unravel.

Physical Properties

Insulation Class: 80oC
Color: Black
Adhesive: Rubber Resin
Total Thickness (ASTM D-3652): 15.7 mil (0.4 mm)
Tensile Strength (ASTM D-3759): 21.8 lbs. / in.
Backing: Cotton Cloth
Adhesion (ASTM D -3330): 3.2 oz / in.
Elongation (ASTM D-3759):  8 %
Dielectric Strength (ASTM D-1000): 1000 volt
Maximum Operating Temperature: 80oC (176°F)