Wholesale Extreme Tack Acrylic Transfer Scrim Tape 9 mil 66692 Series

Wholesale Extreme Tack Acrylic Transfer Scrim Tape 9 mil 66692 Series

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Our 66692 Series extreme tack scrim tape is an HIGHLY aggressive brown PETP scrim coated on both sides with a water borne modified acrylic adhesive. This hand-tearable tape is supplied on a natural siliconized paper release liner. The adhesive system of this double coated tape has excellent tack combined with a high adhesive strength, and will bond well to nearly all materials; even to difficult surfaces like foams, PE and PP films.

The heavy adhesive weight ensures quick grab and hold on highly textured surfaces. It has excellent temperature, UV, aging, and water vapor resistance.

Special adhesive formulation provides very good anti-migration of plasticizers.


  • Used for permanent bonding of various materials such as fabrics, wallboard, plastics – including PVC, metal and wood surfaces.
  • Acrylic adhesive provides long term performance.
  • Also used to laminate to foams and films – scrim reinforcement provides for improved lay down.

Physical Properties

Backing: PETP scrim
Adhesive: Modified Acrylic Adhesive
Total Thickness: 9.2 mil exclusive of liner
Adhesion: > 120 oz / inch
Temperature Resistance: up to +248°F
Condensation Water Resistance: Good
Aging Resistance: Very Good
Softener (Plasticizer) Resistance: Very Good