Wholesale Extra High Bond (EHB) Acrylic Foam Tape Clear 652 Series

Wholesale Extra High Bond (EHB) Acrylic Foam Tape Clear 652 Series

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Our EHB acrylic foam tapes feature a patented structural grade unsupported acrylic adhesive transfer system with a red polyethylene release liner has been skillfully engineered to provide a strong, moisture-proof bond between various substrates. Bonds permanently to most clean, dry, oil-free, non-porous surfaces, including glass, aluminum, stainless steel, painted metal, and many others.

Used in window glazing/seaming, for auto and truck trim attachment; in aviation, marine, electronics, furniture, signage & appliance industries.

(NOTE: As with similar products, clear EHB acrylic tape will yellow when exposed to UV, but performance is not affected)


· High bond strength
· Excellent U.V., solvent, & moisture resistance
· Flexible, moldable, compressible
· Maintains bond at sub-zero temperature


· Window glazing/seaming for standard and high impact resistant glass (i.e. hurricane glass, bulletproof glass)
· Attachment of dissimilar surfaces
· Replacement of mechanical fasteners, rivets, bolts, screws, cement/glue
· Bonding of name plates & decorative trim; vertical/horizontal blind fastening
· Bonding/seaming of metal in electrical panels, HVAC units

Physical Properties

Specific Gravity: 1.04
Tensile Strength: 150 psi
Elongation: 1000%
90° Peel Strength: 160 oz/in.
Cleavage Strength: 20 psi
Dynamic Strength: 60 psi
Static Shear 72°F: 1000 g/inch²
Static Shear 158°F: 500 g/inch²
Static Shear 200°F: 500 g/inch²
Installation Temperature Range: 50°F to 100°F
Constant Temperature Range: -30°F to 200°F
*Short/Intermittent Range: up to 300°F