Wholesale Clear Polyethylene Tape 135 Series Rubber Adhesive

Wholesale Clear Polyethylene Tape 135 Series Rubber Adhesive

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Our 135 Series Clear Poly Tape is a 7.0 mil Low Density Polyethylene Film Tape coated on one side with a Specially Formulated Synthetic Rubber Adhesive System.

Its adhesive system provides high adhesion and cohesion which yields a permanent bond with virtually no edge bleed out. The tough polyethylene backing offers good abrasion and tear resistance. It is highly conformable and resistant to chemical deterioration. Permanently tacky adhesive bonds well to most surfaces over a wide temperature range.

• Used for various wrapping applications: water filter purification, pipe wrap, protective sealing
• Suitable for splicing, seaming & patching, joint taping of poly films for construction
• Designed for use in separation of dissimilar metals for insulation, roofing, metal fabrication, etc.

Physical Properties

Total Thickness: 7.0 mil
Tensile Strength: 18 lb/inch width
Elongation: 80%
Adhesive Type: Synthetic Rubber
Adhesion to Steel: 60 oz/inch
Service Temperature Minimum: 32°F and Maximum: 160°F
Color: Clear