Wholesale Clean Room PVC Tape 150C Series

Wholesale Clean Room PVC Tape 150C Series

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Our 150C Series Clean Room Tape is a premium quality vinyl tape specifically designed for CLEAN ROOM applications as it is wound onto a plastic core and individually wrapped with additional bag packaging to ensure minimal dust or dirt or other particular contaminants in tape. General tape construction is designed for industrial, commercial and recreational safety marking applications.

Used to identify aisles, steps, equipment and potentially hazardous areas. Color satisfies O.S.H.A. marking requirements.Classification ISO 5.

• Sturdy 6-mil vinyl – will hold up under the heaviest duty wear and traffic conditions.
• Highly conformable to all surfaces.
• Abrasion resistant and non-fading.
• Resists oil, grease and many solvents.
• Easily dispensed, either automatically or by hand, for quick and secure installation.
• Immersion in water will not cause disintegration or loosening.

Physical Properties

Backing Material: Vinyl Film
Adhesive: Natural Rubber Resin
Color: White
Total Tape Thickness: 6 mil
Tensile Strength: 18 lbs. / in.
Unwind @ 150 FPM: 80 oz. / in.
Elongation: 160 %
Adhesion To Steel: 30 oz. / in.
Government Specification: PPP-T-66D, TYPE 1
Operating Temperature Range: 40°F to 176°F