Wholesale Barricade Tapes CAUTION 865 Series

Wholesale Barricade Tapes CAUTION 865 Series

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Our caution tapes are made with a durable polyethylene film printed with specific legends designed to protect and identify above ground hazardous areas.

Also used as a long lasting marking solution for off-limit areas or crowd control.

• Moisture Resistant
• Tough Abrasion & Puncture Resistant
• Durable Film – won’t curl when draped
• Holds up to winds & outdoor exposures

Physical Properties

Color: Yellow with Black Ink
Thickness: 2 mil
Density: 0.922 ASTM D-1709
Dart Impact Strength: 280 gram
Tensile: MD 4400-5000 PSI ASTM D-882, TD 3900-4500 PSI ASTM D-882
Elongation: MD 400% ASTM D-882, TD 500% ASTM D-882