Wholesale Arc & Fireproofing Tape 138 Series

Wholesale Arc & Fireproofing Tape 138 Series

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Electro Tape’s 138 Series Arc & Fireproofing Tape is a chemically inert fire retardant tape that provides excellent flame and arc protection for all types of cables. It is used to protect all high voltage cables, and low voltage power, control and communication cables that occupy the same enclosure with high voltage cables and equipment. It should be provided in all manhole, vaults, boxes, and equipment housings to protect cable, equipment and personnel against arc explosion and the intense heat of a cable fault and fire. The use of 138 Series Arc & Fireproofing Tape is important where smoke generation and toxicity of fumes must be held at a low level.


Our 138 Series is a water-based, chemically inert, conformable tape, consisting of a thin, polyester fabric on which one side is coated with a highly fire-retardant, polymeric coating. The tape contains no asbestos or halogen compounds such as polyvinyl chloride, chlorinated plasticizers, etc. The tape is non-corrosive to cable jackets, either lead or elastomeric, such as cross-linked polyolefin. 138 Series will not deteriorate when exposed to fresh or salt water, sewage and fungi. The tape has good flexibility even at 0°F. 138 Series Tape is white for ready identification of arc-proofed cables.

Physical Properties

Color: Light Blue
Thickness: 50 mil
Tensile Strength: 40 lbs./in.
Elongation: 250%
Dielectric Breakdown: 500 volts per mil
Arc Resistance: > 20 seconds
Flame Resistance: > 6 minutes
* Con. Ed. EO-5343-14